Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Satirical Rant

Wake up. It's 6am, school begins in t-minus 80 minutes. Grasp your phone and flick it open. No new texts. No good morning texts. No hello's. No texts. Quick, shower, your wasting time. 76 minutes remain. Head slumped, simply going through the motions. Shampoo, rinse. Conditioner, rinse. Body wash, scrub, rinse. Water off. Towel dry. 59 minutes until 1st period.

whoo for never being able to finish anything I do. I wish I had a better sense of commitment, I don't think I have committed something full heartedly ever. Is that any way to live? Apparently not because in no way is it rewarding.

Tomorrow I am donating blood. I want to make this a habit. Lets see if I can commit? I have my doubts. If I pass out I won't be surprised.

I'm afraid to get close to people. Thats something I have noticed lately also. I would like to say I am close to my various forms of best friends but in all reality I just feel like a Pandora's box of sorts. I hold their secrets, I hide their lies, their fears, their lusts, their anger. Which is just find and dandy, I am not complaining about that in the slightest. I just, don't return the favor and quite frankly my pensive is on the brink of over flowing. I just don't have it in me to complain or share about how I feel like they do. So I guess this is why I turned to blogging? To rant? Sure.
All this is is a cacophony of words webbing copious thoughts into one place. Spiffy.

I have nothing else to say, but as soon as I publish this I will think of more as my own thoughts and secrets float to the top.

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